To a particular extent, this argues against us commencing Garle


    To a particular extent, this argues against us commencing Garlemald proper. Because lest you forget, we've seen many people from Garlemald... and are generally exclusively Hyur or Garlean.Obviously, this does not mean that Viera don't occupy part with the Empire, however it does mean how they're not in the core from the nation. We learn how unusual it absolutely was that Gaius stood a Roegadyn as one of his immediate lieutenants, as an example; the story plot makes likely to point out that is something not done inside Empire. So probably if Viera are inside Empire, they probably occupy the identical southern region as Ivalice... which does go with nicely with out-of-game lore and while using prospect of seeing Fran at FFXIV Gil the conclusion of that raid. But in addition, it argues in favor from the race naturally via somewhere further south. I'm not praoclaiming that rabbits are Thavnairian, nevertheless it wouldn't surprise me from the least when they're from that region, as well as from down in Meracydia. That's this side of completely plausible, especially because their racial flavor from

    Final Fantasy XII continues to be somewhat absorbed by other parts on the game's mythos right now.
    My penchant for Meracydia here is the fact it gives a level stronger cause of not having seen them before. Going to or from the continent where no person enters and no person leaves is gonna mean many people just don't know around the race, and suddenly opening a connection fot it continent explains the sudden influx being a playable race. But that's all purely in to the speculative territory, and a result of the current dearth of useful information it is possible to Buy FFXIV Gil speculate about just about anything.AdvertisementSo let's similarly speculate about designs. Because we've not yet seen what Viera will look like, but I think there exists a hint to get found within the tease of Balthier's gear for that next raid.