MMO Week in Review: Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers' new class

  • Become a PatronFinal Fantasy XIV stole the weekend or else the week by dropping a lot of new Shadowbringers info on the Paris Fan Festival. If you've not checked out our XIV columnist's coverage yet, it is best to, because game we named MMORPG of 2018 revealed the Gunbreaker job, new zone, new beast tribe, and new bunnygirls race.Meanwhile, lots of people showed approximately watch Fortnite's first in-game concert, Fallout 76 sunk to new lows, Anthem began FF14 Gil its public demo, PlanetSide Arena began closed beta, and Guild Wars 2 compensated the innocent players it punished in 2018 following a player used the GDPR to prove their error.Read on capture up with all the very best in this week's MMO news and opinions today as every Sunday in Massively Overpowered's Week in Review!THIS WEEK'S TOP STORIESFinal Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers launches July 2 with Gunbreaker job and playable Viera - We still do not know where we're opting for Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. The keynote through the stage in the Paris Fan Festival didn't signify that. But we can say for certain FFXIV Fan Festival Paris 2019: Liveblog in the opening keynote - It's four within the morning here for the East Coast. We've got a live stream loaded. We've got some big revelations to find out. Yes, it is the opening Final Fantasy 14 Gil keynote of Final Guild Wars 2 compensates those suspended unjustly in 2018 spyware cheater purge as a result of victim's GDPR sleuthing - Last April, the Guild Wars 2 community was shaken with the news which more than 1500 players ended up suspended on the game after ArenaNet silently patched in (after which patched Anthem outlines future plans and preps more server capacity before tomorrow's public demo - So who's ready for round a couple of Anthem? BioWare is! The studio's Chad Robertson has penned a different dev blog prepping the playerbase based on how the public demo will be