Final Fantasy XI's latest version update brings some very minor

  • The developers behind the reliably updated?Final Fantasy XI talked an incredible deal regarding how this month's version update brings balance changes for Dancer and Dragoon. And now the update FFXIV Gil notes are here, and players can see which the balance changes are... de-linking the recast timers for the handful of abilities! Although the actual recast times remain unchanged. We're certain all in the Dragoons are?thrilled with this. Dancers no less than get just a little buff from the form of the Presto improvement, so it is?something.While that bit from the update can be a bit of your non-starter, there is and a buff to rewards Final Fantasy XIV Gil earned in Ambuscade and also a new group of objectives, at the same time as easier conditions for earning completion on some Records of Eminence objectives. So there's still stuff to like inside patch! Dragoons and Dancers just won't find the balance improvements we were holding likely dreaming about.Source: Official Site