Final Fantasy XIV introduces paid features on its mobile compan

  • Play Final Fantasy XIVDo you want to have the capacity to buy and sell pieces of Final Fantasy XIV while you are on the go or perhaps talk with your free company? The FFXIV Gil mobile companion app already permits you to do all of that with the price of almost nothing. But today the app is rolling out its new paid features, that could allow one to do slightly more inside companion app. Specifically, it'll allow that you organize your chocobo saddlebag along with your retainer inventories while generating purchases on the market board out and about.
    Paying for your app also unlocks yet another retainer and Buy FFXIV Gil quantity saddlebag space in-game, which is another notable benefit. At $5 monthly, it is just a pretty cheap subscription for a lot of big benefits, however they are all upside and you needs to be fine that don't have them. Unless you really can't live without massive increases in your chocobo saddlebags, needless to say.Source: Official Site