Wisdom of Nym: What we realize so far about Final Fantasy XIV's

  • Play Final Fantasy XIVYes, the most recent live letter happened, the fan translations happened, and jointly could expect the Final Fantasy XIV fandom has recently taken half-translated facts and suspected tidbits as gospel next to the bat. Who may have seen next, therefore forth. let's wait and watch if we get actually translated and accurate information any faster than usual, although I suspect it can be at around precisely the same pace as usual.If I sound annoyed, like I am.Regardless from the inefficiency from the presentation, we did find out a reasonable bit about another patch and associated features for patch 4.3, therefore we can start discussing some on the things we ought to know regarding the update. Of course, no small number of what we all know is coming is stuff that people could also provide expected to find out just because on the game's fundamental structure, however, there is also a great deal of genuinely surprising bits.
    So let's begin in together with Final Fantasy XIV Gil the stuff that isn't a fresh dungeon, a different Alliance Raid, or points related, yes?It's really more much like the high dungeonHeaven-on-High may be towering higher than the Ruby Sea as the well-known objective of the following Deep Dungeon segment forever now, but I'm pleased to hear that it's actually not just gonna be the just like before though with new floors. The nice part about FFXIV generally speaking has for ages been the way that existing content gets built away from prior content, refined and expanded in manners that offer new adventures; it's actually not like the initial Deep Dungeon is currently irrelevant, just not max-level content.
    We've already been told that this first 30 floors will be the "entry," together with the later portions more focused on offering quite a job. This by itself is interesting, as the sport has generally explored new strategies to challenge groups plus it implies that any of us won't have exactly the same leveling system that individuals did within the Palace in the Dead. I'm curious to discover what we've got instead likewise as just what the ultimate rewards will probably be; the weapons with the initial outing were a helpful alternative for gearing along with cosmetics, so I imagine it can be something similar.We know alongside nothing about what's actually here yet, naturally.