Star Wars: The Old Republic offers more specifics of ‘United F

  • If you’re not enrolled in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you are able to forget about keeping your business. Subscribers will usually win over non-subscribers. It’s pay-to-keep-your-name!
    The latest fall roadmap video is going, so that as you could without a doubt expect, it discusses the overall game’s upcoming server merges – which we covered in depth on Monday – extensively. Following the United SWTOR Credits Forces merge, which cuts the action back to just five servers throughout the US and Europe, there will will no longer be a designated RP server, even though the developers want to still make RP-supporting spaces within the sport; desperation is that this merge will reduce win trading in PvP at the same time as improving in-game population.
    The developers aren’t willing to talk about next expansion plans, but they also are planning out returning companions including Andronikus, Ensign Temple, Scourge, and Keira. The development team Buy SWTOR Credits can be considering adding in some on the old-style PvP rewards. Check your full dev stream video down the page, and grow tuned for further SWTOR fun in the MOP staff today, as we’ll be streaming the action this afternoon and dispatching our Hyperspace Beacon column within the roadmap too.