Depending on whose map you will opt to clear

  • Depending on whose map you will opt to clear, you might face an alternative ability when you find yourself actually in battle. For example, in case you enter an Elder map you are going to notice grayed areas what is the best tentacles crawl around which weaken your character significantly. Shaper maps have likewise some unique difficulties but are both really challenging and rewarding with the player. This makes a brand new change for endgame material since players will choose those maps POE Currency in the ones these were grinding on every single day.
    When you are looking for gear, “War For The Atlas” is bringing two new types: Elder (that is portrayed with tentacle background) and Shaper (portrayed with Void background) which provide powerful properties, destined simply for these items. These items is usually only obtained in Elder and Shaper maps and so are extremely rare to get.
    As for gems, you will probably be able to test 10 brand a new one some of which already feel like they can “house” a full build on them like Cremation which can be a green gem which makes a nearby corpse erupt and make a geyser on its place.
    Last however, not least, the Abyss Challenge League is going to Path of Exile, which is why information is going to be revealed in the subsequent weeks. For now, all we understand is this:
        Alongside the increase, we’re also introducing the Abyss Challenge League. Fight foes that spill forth from your underworld through your feet because you journey across Wraeclast. Claim valuable Path of Exile Currency new Abyss Jewels to customise your characters and pieces of new ways. We’ll post details about how the Abyss Challenge League works in the future.
    Path of Exile: War for that Atlas launches on December 8 (Pacific Time) on PC and very quickly after on Xbox One and now we can’t wait to try it. For those who want to include the developer team, Grinding Gear Games has announced new supporter packs which you may buy for getting cool loot for the overall game.