Path Of Exile PS4 Release Delayed, And Here's Why

  • The look for Path of Exile on PlayStation 4 got more time. Developer Grinding Gear Games has announced the PlayStation 4 edition won't launch in December as planned.
    In your blog site post, the developer apologised for your delay, and explained the studio "underestimated the level of work it would decide on finish the certification process through the entire busy Christmas period."
    Grinding Gear is now expecting to finish POE Currency PS4 the certification process by January, using the sport potentially launching at the beginning of February on PS4. The studio aren't going to be sitting by idly twiddling its thumbs between occasionally, considering that the studio said any additional time allows the developer to increase Path of Exile's performance and frame rate for PS4.
    "Again, we're very sorry about it," the studio said. "We promise that Path of Exile will be awesome on PlayStation 4 if it is released early the coming year."
    A free-to-play role-playing game, Path of Exile originally launched in 2013, possibly at GameSpot we gave it our PC Game from your Year that year. The Xbox One version was released in 2017. In May 2018, Chinese internet and gaming giant Tencent acquired Grinding Gear Games, even so the company states carry on POE PS4 Currency and operate independently.
    While Path of Exile will not be coming to PS4 in December, the adventure will welcome a fresh expansion, Betrayal, that month. For additional, examine GameSpot's in-depth coverage of Betrayal here, while you will be able to check the announcement trailer from the embed above.