• The second week of beta testing for The Fall of Oriath was the subject of an recent post providing players with specifics of what GGG has at heart for Act 8, how game balance issues are increasingly being addressed and to produce an updated report on known beta issues. Most notably, Act 8 will be slightly delayed which happily delays the smoothness wipe to ensure players can carry on and refine and check out new builds, see the present content plus more.
    MMORPG: How goes beta testing? Have you made any significant modifications to Oriath like a result of player feedback?
    GGG: It is usually exciting for being able to finally show town what we are already working on to get a long period of your time. There is usually the part where the town gets to visit "you realize, and POE Currency we don't think you've got this part fully dealt with yet."
    With the actual Beta test, we're very very pleased with how it can be going. In comparison to its constructive feedback that we've actioned, we did get lots of feedback around the the monsters as well as their abilities in Acts 6 and 7. When we checked out our work with light on the feedback, we realised there seemed to be some more work to accomplish.
    We chosen to delay getting Act 8 in to the Beta therefore we could improve this element with the game. We have put additional resources into improving monsters in Act 6 and Act 7.
    We also know that within the next patch we ought to address game balance. We are delighted to employ a community so passionate regarding the design and balance on the game, and that we need to create sure feedback and issues are addressed. The biggest advantage from the Beta is receiving to try various changes in a very non-permanent environment

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