Virtual Reality, when?

  •     Do you undoubtedly expect being able to release 6 acts immediately without months of gamebreaking bugs? How do you decide to smooth the 3.0 release, what do you've got in place to keep your gamebreakers down to some dull roar? Have things improved much behind the scenes since, say, Perandus launch?
        The volume of acts does not necessarily increase the amount of bugs, because bugs generally come with latest features rather than new content. Having said that, there's lots changing POE Orbs PS4 in 3.0.0 so there's a great deal of scope for problems to creep in unless we discover them. To deal with this particular, we've expanded our QA team on the years also it's typically the largest before. In addition, we're operating a Beta for 3.0.0 specifically to get problems before they modify the live realm.
        Will controller support be incorporated into regular POE when you're done together with the xbox version?
        < No. The controller helps it be a different game as a result of skill function and balance changes required. If we did add controller support into a PC version then that version may possibly play about the Xbox One realm as opposed to the current realm. We don't plan to accomplish this currently.
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    The Music Sets the Tone
    The Fall of Oriath will likely be coming with POE PS4 Orbs new zones certainly nothing creates the mood, the tension plus the overall ambiance of the location compared to the music. With that under consideration, the group put out a quick video showing several locations in The Fall of Oriath in conjunction with samples in the music you'll be able to expect to hear in the screams of the enemies.
    A Peek Inside GG Game Development
    It's always fun to view how a team operates on the inside. To display the inner workings at Grinding Gear, more than several photos of Devs At Work (sounds just like a Broadway musical!) were published. You can see every one of them here, but here is