Thoughts from Game Designer Nick

  • Grinding Gear Game Designer 'Nick' took over as first subject of the in-house interview to get out more details on his history together with the company, how it is exactly that she does and what several of his favorite moments implementing Path of Exile are actually:
        As the principle developer who writes flavour text for the sport, do you possess favourite snippets? Is there anything you ought to keep at heart while writing these?
        At the potential risk of tooting my horn, I really enjoyed writing POE Items the flavour for that Breach uniques. Breach and Beyond both thrive story-wise about what is left unsaid, so I desired to try to supply each Breachlord as well as its followers a distinct a feeling of culture throughout the names and flavour on the monsters and items without freely giving the a feeling of lovecraftian mystery and eldritch horror it leans upon.
        I'm also a lover of irony in flavour text (like The Brass Dome's), so if a product or service has contrasting ideas rolling around in its flavour, it's pretty likely I handled it.
    Nick wraps up his interview by promising Buy POE Items that there are "much to look to" he hardly knows where do you start in giving a peek in the future. According on the interview, the business is working about the "coolest content" ever. Guess there will be a lot to look forward to through the entire year!