Improvements to Master Missions

  • It's like opening a Christmas present about six weeks early and GGG has you covered. In your next big content update, a group of pretty awesome improvements are arriving at POE Currency Master Missions. Most notably, players may find themselves with less returning to their forth -- significantly less backtracking! Who can refuse to that?
    Elreon, Vorici, Tora, Catarina, and Zana have been because of the once-over and players should notice a marked difference once v2.4.2 goes live from the near future. Looking ahead, Master Leveling is going to be given a pass at the same time in preparation for v2.5.0, set for release in December.
    Lastly, the group has posted its release timeline that, while tentative anyway, is something which devs love to stick to as closely as humanly possible...though and then Halloween picture from Buy POE Currency your last founders' meeting, we may wonder.
    Anyway, here's what you may expect in the coming months:
            2.0.0: The Awakening expansion (plus Warbands/Tempest leagues)
            2.1.0: Talisman league (plus content update)
            2.2.0: Ascendancy expansion (plus Perandus league)
            2.3.0: Prophecy league (plus content update)
            2.4.0: Atlas of Worlds expansion (plus Essence league)