Community Happenings

  • The Atlas of Worlds Fan Art Competition is full swing plus the site may be updated that has a look at some from the amazing work that town has turned in up to now. The contest challenges players to make armor sets determined by a amount of types (view the full list here). The contest runs through October 10th.
    On the update page, several submissions are showcased POE Orbs PS4 that are worthy of the the perfect time to go visit. Check them out here.
    Also on the community is soon's Build from the Week. Coming towards the community from djnat, the build is termed Mistress of Agony and centers around a Level 93 Ascendant Scion that's a strong DoT specialist.
        First of, this can be an entirely chaos-based character who relies around the spreading of the damage after some time single-target skill, Essence Drain. The spreading happens via Contagion, another damage POE PS4 Orbs after a while skill, but that has a good region of effect radius. Mechanics are quite obvious: you contagion a region, then discuss the potentially weakest mob as area and shoot an ED bullet in their direction.