Other new Madden 20 features we expect include

  • Other new Madden 20 features we expect include;
        Playable Pro Bowl – Play the Pro Bowl in campaign mode.
        Face Editing – Control your custom players looks.
        Scenarios – Your in game Madden Overdrive Coins campaign mode will probably bring different in game dialogue and events than other players.
        MUT Upgrades – Superstar abilities, Missions for cards and Ultimate Challenges.
        Superstar Drive Play Calling – Changes to learn calling to involve your superstars.
        Unique Playbooks – More unique playbooks that may give players a good sharp edge.
        New Pump Fake – Pump fake to Buy Madden Overdrive Coins some specific player.
        Updated Celebrations – 20 new celebrations for touchdowns and first downs.
    This is a serious leak by what may be visiting Madden 20. This leak only mentions Madden 20 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. This leak derives from Sports Gamers  Online.