How to Fix Cannot Get EA Account Verification Codes in Madden

  • Some users cannot have an EA Account Verification Code in Madden 18 when signing in using a device that isn’t trusted yet. There is really a workaround just for this. EA offers the subsequent steps:
        Log in in your EA Account on Madden Overdrive Coins
            If your computer will not be a trusted device already, you’ll have a code sent to your account. Use that code in your Xbox to ensure your account and acquire signed in.
        If your computer is a trusted device, go in on your EA Account and Billing Settings.
        Click for the Security tab.
        Click View next for a Backup Codes.
        You’ll get yourself a code sent to you to definitely use to look at your Backup Codes. Use that code in your Xbox to confirm your account and obtain signed in.
            If you haven’t written down Buy Madden Overdrive Coins your Backup Codes and hang up them in a very safe place yet, now’s a good time for you to do that. You can always make use of a Backup Code for getting signed in for a account if you’re within a pinch such as this.