Final Fantasy XIV's Director Talks Blue Mages, World Visits, An

  • Final Fantasy XIV is prepping for a fresh expansion later come early july. The lead-as much as this expansion, Shadowbringers, has taken new classes such as Blue Mage, all of which will soon open worlds income visit other servers. Kotaku emailed questions to game director Naoki Yoshida (a.k.a. “Yoshi P”) about job classes, regardless of Final Fantasy 14 Gil whether world visits could interrupt economies, and what multiplayer games he’s keeping his eyes on nowadays. On enhancing Blue Mages: Naoki Yoshida: The Blue Mage could only acquire balance because it really is what we now call a “limited job,” there are no promises to remove the limited aspect from the task.
    However, perform plan to increase the level cap about the Blue Mage—and this doesn’t necessarily have for being timed with the expansion release. So sometime during the 5.x patch series, players should be expecting new blue magic which is often acquired, additions towards the Masked Carnivale, and in many cases new content to Buy FFXIV Gil tackle. I would say we're only for the “So You Want to become a Blue Mage?” chapter inside the overall journey with this job—there quite a bit of future blue mage content inside the pipeline for the players to savor.