Make your path through Maplestory 2

  • Make your path through Maplestory 2
    Should you ever enjoyed Castle Crashers, they're just a little bit much like that. You can equip them by heading to obtain Maplestory 2 Mesos character display, then tapping Pets. From this menu you'll be able to view each with the ones you've got accessible to Buy MS 2 Mesos you and swap them in/out to get yourself a max of three. You could also feed those to level up all of them Pet Food which lets them supply additional fans to your account while exploring the globe of MapleStory 2.
    To acquire new and different types, complete quests plus some of them might include pets as being a reward. Free daily benefits also can contain pets. Finally, you might additionally utilize real-life money to buy optional ones outside of MapleStory 2's cash store.
    That can it for how to obtain pets and how they work in MapleStory 2 Gold . Hopefully you may come across a good amount of cute ones which you enjoy because you play through MapleStory 2 with your phone or tablet.
    It must come as not surprising that since you're playing through MapleStory 2, you're going to must level up your character so as to fight the tougher challenges that lie in wait. It's true that you just can receive a mount, change your equipment, or only buy more robust stuff, but occasionally, you merely need to level up your character and absolutely nothing else will work.