Latest Path Of Exile Update Now Live, Atlas And Sextant Mods Im

  • Latest Path Of Exile Update Now Live, Atlas And Sextant Mods Improved
    After several delays to iron out of the kinks, the Path of Exile 2.4.1. update is finally live. In a post yesterday, Grinding Gear Games apologized for your delays but went ahead and released the patch notes anyway so eagerly-waiting players could peruse it for their hearts content while waiting for your patch to unveil.
        “We have continued to check the Content Update 2.4.1 during the entire weekend looking to Buy POE Orbs deploy it this morning. Unfortunately, we've encounter  some eleventh hour issues while testing the content from the patch so we feel it's safest to deploy it tomorrow morning following the issues are fixed.  We apologise for virtually any disruption this will likely have caused. In the meantime, we have now tomorrow's patch notes willing to check out!”
    Update 2.4.1. mostly contains fixes and improvements to POE Chaos Orb ’s recently released Atlas of Worlds Expansion including a reworked Sextant  mod system as well as other improvements to Atlas maps. The update also incorporates new skins and auras, which sadly, are only able to be bought using premium  currency.
    Tired within your old split arrow effect? Check out the newest Verdant Split Arrow effect inside video below. Or, head over on the Path of Exile official  forums  for that full patch notes.