Since the world wide web is anonymous in principle

  • Since the world wide web is anonymous in principle and most of us have usernames then by ignoring these nasty individuals by eliminating their usernames from forums rather than calling out them then you are literally condoning their inappropriate behaviour. Sometimes you do not have time to report the individual in Maplestory Mobile Mesos so how else could we allow the neighborhood know that somebody is acting inappropriately in match? Unless... MapleStory allows us to report folks even if we are no longer on exactly the same map.
    But then the username can be complicated to find. Idk if you decided to increase the neb box drop speed but its literally feeding bots cash at the insane rate. Why in hell could a mob inside gollux drop a neb box? Why would that even be in the mobs drop identification? If that is not proof enough I've had them fall out of root abyss mobs also and now its like guaranteed in commerci becoming 1-2+.
    I could know this for reboot universe but other servers are being inflated with nebs via spiders and I've gotten so many myself'm starting to get scared to put them up for sale. I am pretty certain that individuals will keep purchasing permanent Nexon even if they already have an outfit or pet since fresh things that are new will emerge.
    Using myself as an example,best places to buy maplestory m mesos I purchased every permanent NX last year for christmas, even though having a surprise box outfit along with other event outfits (such as Zero), simply because I knew I would never find them again. Plus, I assume they get enough from other servers (like people that are switched off by no trading) they could afford to Buy MS M Mesos put permanent NX in Reboot.
    Below are a few my feelings on claims I've read inside these forums over the last couple months or so. Of course it will, anyone that thinks otherwise is not too much of a thinker. The reason why it takes a long time to receive a response is because they're essentially drowning in them. Not only that, but they must inspect every one separately and make a determination on it which is appropriate according to their own ToS.