How To Ace a Beach Pre Wedding Photoshoot

  • When it comes to beaches and clicking some radiant pictures, hands down, Goa is probably the best place in India. This is the reason why many people prefer a pre wedding photoshoot on a nice sunny beach of Goa. But there’s a set of rule which the couple and the photographer must follow if they really wish to ace a photoshoot at the beach. So, let’s check what the couple and the photographer should have in mind before a beach photoshoot.


    • Determine the time of photoshoot- Going to the beach during afternoon is not the best idea. The sunlight will be too bright to click pictures without covering your face with your hands. The best time is either early morning right after sunrise or few moments before the sunset. This will naturally add the sun-kissed effect to your pictures.  


    • Clicking silhouette- Rule number 1- Always keep your flash off while clicking silhouette. Rule number 2- Stand against the direction of sun. If you face the sun and focus your camera at the precise angles, you’ll be clicking great silhouette in no time. A pre wedding photoshoot Goa must have at least few silhouettes.


    • Adding the extra elements- A pre wedding photoshoot on a beach is not just about clicking pictures of the couple. You can even add the extra elements like the footsteps of the couple on the sand, seashells, reflection from the water and many other innovative ideas.  


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