From Marketing to PR Who Manages Corporate social media?

  • Who should manage corporate social media? Is responsibility for corporate social media activities under the purview of a PR service or marketing service? When it comes to social media, there is no settled attitude to the importance and feasibility of social activity of companies. If the majority of companies and their managers intuitively understand this communication channel as important, then here is the true significance of social work few people imagine.

    Not imagining, just as intuitively and often, managers change their attitude to this channel of communication, to the means used and to those employees who are responsible for all this.

    According to a recent survey conducted "The creative group“more than half of advertising and marketing executives said that the corporate PR department (public relations department) is best suited for monitoring and conducting social activities of the company in the media.  

    More than 400 marketing managers participated in the survey conducted by the company and advertising. As a result of the survey, researchers found out that 51% of the surveyed specialists of the marketing services prefer that the PR department deal with social networks.  

    What do the marketing specialists say?
    After further consultations, the experts found out the reason. Several leading experts in the field of marketing almost unanimously expressed that PR is best suited for managing the company's communication in social media, because social media is essentially a conversation. While marketing only forms a message about a  brand,  being, in its essence, only a monologue.

    On the role of marketing services and the role of the company in society.
    Leave saying that marketing is a monologue without comment. I believe that the main task of the company, as applied to social media, is the creation of dialogues with Central Asia about the brand through third parties. Whether this task will be entrusted to a PR service or marketing service is important. But more is important. Social thinking should be part of the company's culture. And this means that social thinking and the practice of social relations should become part of all company structures: corporate PR services, sales and customer teams. All these structures should be involved in social work to establish communication with Central Asia.

    The company should have an integrated marketing strategy, which includes promotion, social work, corporate PR, a system before and after-service, a system for building customer experience.

    Responsible for all this "disgrace" should the marketing service - the carrier, ideologue, controller for the market. It is this service that should be engaged in this not even by definition (marketing - market research), but being guided by its first task, for which the marketing service was created in the company:

    The task of marketing is to make sales effort unnecessary.
    Do you understand, yes? There is no separate task to be social or to be socially active, there is a task to do everything to satisfy the market demand and increase sales!

    As soon as some other task is set, for example, the task of popularizing the company among government agencies, financial structures, as soon as the task of popularizing the company's head is set, that is, as soon as the task is not sales growth, then let some or another service. Let it be a corporate PR service, and let this service apply appropriate for the occasion, task and audience methods of communication, means of communication with the audience and the style of messages to solve their problems. If they need social tools, let them use social media and write posts with social media along with marketers, but with their own content.

    But one thing remains immutable:
    A carrier of corporate standards, a controller for the use of brand attributes and other marketing attributes should be the marketing department.

    And speaking about the fact that social networks should be controlled not by marketers, but by PR-specialists involved in popularizing companies - this is how to argue that an orange should be more orange than round.

    What is the reason for the voluntary refusal of marketing services to control such a channel of communication with the market as social media?

    I think everything is simple. If to achieve the goal of increasing sales, marketers do not see the task of being socially active, and the companies themselves do not see the point of being socially significant, then this is either a fact and the company's active social position will not contribute to sales growth, or it is a serious mistake for not understanding the role of marketing in the changed market. reality.

    Modern marketing is a multifaceted and constantly developing field of activity. More recently, being a good marketer meant being good at making good products. Later, a good marketer is someone who can advertise a well-made product well. Even later, it meant being able to communicate correctly with different layers of the sales funnel, leading potential buyers to the purchase department. Further more...  

    Marketing is developing and, probably, at each of the quality transitions, some of the marketers will not be able to accept the changing realities, will not want to master or not master new areas and competencies. Maybe someone will consider their current marketing strategy and location as perfect. Well, then, these marketers, the brands they manage and the businesses they serve will leave the market somewhere in history - are there few examples of this !? The rest will have to learn the basics of PR, journalism, sociology, and social group management practices.

    Today’s unanimity of the interviewed marketing specialists is in a misunderstanding of their role, and this is only a confirmation of the saying that pushing a heavy stone is difficult. Simply roll down from the mountain with a stone.