This is when the revolutionary expansion of the method to exil

  • Researchers revealed today the latest expansion from the Grinding Gear Games role-playing game "Atlas of Worlds" will likely be launched on September 2.

    According towards the developer, Atlas of Worlds is really a re-imagination from the current final game of the direction to exile. Using the overall game's map generator and production system, players can transform the properties POE Currency in the maps they generate and whatever they find in them. The extension includes 30 zones and 19 new bosses, and also updates to any or all existing old maps, that has a higher quality look.

    These new maps aren't only random areas. Grinding Gear Games adds narrative content to incorporate the reasons and goals behind these new areas in the larger new story.

    The area offers greater difficulty. The area around the newest map is predicted to provide around 28 numbers of content, whilst the level near to the middle in the map - and also the final boss - will incorporate around 86 numbers of content.

    According to Grinding Gear Games, the studio found that this longer players spend hanging around, the less they may be because they wear for a passing fancy number of advanced maps. The ability to Path of Exile Currency change the map and upgrade it into a higher level is made to alleviate this. The higher the map level, the greater the level in the item you discover; therefore, if you're searching for an item to the servant, you may have to spend some time within the upgrade map from the grave area, that you will find the creeps.

    Grinding Gear also improved the performance of the method to exile through this patch. According for the developer, the action now runs at twice the interest rate, doubling the frame rate when there are several enemies around the screen.