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  • The Importance of Glaucoma Testing Health Articles | April 16 Cole Hamels Rangers Jersey , 2012

    Glaucoma is a potentially serious condition  Read this article to find out if you are at risk and what you can do about it!

    If it is diagnosed before it progresses, glaucoma can be treated to avoid additional decline in eyesight or loss of vision. However, because they are noticed rather slowly Adrian Beltre Rangers Jersey , the indications of glaucoma can be rather tricky to discover without an exam given by an eye specialist. If glaucoma reaches a late stage without being detected, it may cause severe vision loss.

    Glaucoma is caused by damage to the optic nerve, from a greater amount of fluid pressure in the eye or a problem in the optic nerve itself.

    The eye needs a specific amount of pressure to allow the eyeball to maintain its shape Rougned Odor Rangers Jersey , because it is made of liquid, called aqueous humour. In a normal eye, this fluid travels in and out of the eyeball at a consistent rate. If the drainage tubes which carry the fluid away from the eyeball become congested Nolan Ryan Rangers Jersey , strain starts to build up inside the eye. This swell of pressure can damage the optic nerve.

    Particular characteristics make an individual more at risk for having glaucoma:

    - The main consideration is age. The older a person becomes, the greater the likelihood of glaucoma emerging.

    - Anyone suffering from short-sightedness or myopia also has a greater risk to develop glaucoma.

    - Family history plays a role in pin-pointing those people who can be prone to glaucoma. If you are a blood relative of a person with glaucoma, your probablity of developing the condition are significantly greater.

    There are six assessments that can be used to detect glaucoma. Experts advocate that anyone over 40 is given an examination for glaucoma at least every two years.


    In this test the optometrist inserts eye drops to the eye ball to dilate the pupil. The hue and shape of the optic nerve can then be examined. The examination is given with a magnifying glass fitted with a light, which will light up the back of the eye, making it more clear to see the optic nerve. The optometrist may utilize a digital camera to set aside a photograph of the optic nerve.

    A very specific tool is used to blow air into the eye, allowing the optometrist to assess the eye pressure. Increased eye pressure is one of the main factors pointing to the presence of glaucoma.


    This test uses a specialist tool to measure the thickness of the cornea. By determining the width of the cornea, an optometrist can better conclude the result of the tonometry test.

    Visual Field Testing (Perimetry):

    While the individual being examined stares straight ahead Adrian Beltre Youth Jersey , the optometrist introduces small bright lights at the outside of the patient聮s peripheral vision. If the person has trouble seeing some of the small lights, that could indicate that glaucoma has started to alter his sight. This test is often run by a computer.

    Nerve Fiber Analysis:

    If the width of the optic nerve has been decreasing in certain areas, this could indicate harm resulting from glaucoma.

    So Rougned Odor Youth Jersey , make sure to speak with your eye care professional in regards to glaucoma testing as soon as possible!

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