Importance Of Using Hotel Cleaning Chemicals

  • Hospitality industry demands cleanliness & spotlessness, these are the two factors that are significant in many areas when it comes to hospitality business, but are perhaps most pertinent in the hospitality industry. Places such as hotels, bars and restaurants are constantly under public scrutiny and risk losing everything if they fail to pass regular checks from the relevant authorities. There are not many other industries in which the standard of cleanliness is judged to be an essential part of the experience, but in hospitality a major portion of repeat business relies on the accomplishment of these high expectations from the customers. Thus, cleanliness with the help of hospitality and hotel cleaning chemicals is crucial to keep the premises clean and up to the mark.

    Nothing can attract customers more than a spick and span hotel environment that is sparkling clean. No high standards of service, politeness or glamour can be equivalent to the happiness a customer has upon entering a spotless, clean and conveniently arranged room and amenities. This can be achieved with the use of hospitality and hotel cleaning chemicals.

    A customer often looks out for a number of things when he is on a hunt for hotels, like sanitation and services ranks on the top of the list. Hygiene and sanitation is most important in the hospitality industry as it is under constant inspection of its patrons. Thus, using hospitality and hotel cleaning chemicals appropriately for a thorough cleaning by the housekeeping staff plays an important role.



    Product advantages:

    – Powerful cleaning action
    – Effective removal of lime, dirt and soap deposits
    – Immediate streak-free shine due to pearling off effect
    – Sanitary cleaner based on sulphamic acid
    – Leaves a pleasant atmosphere
    – Especially suitable for chrome and stainless steel
    – Hygienically fresh trendy fragrance / RE and RK listed

    Fields of application:

    All acid-resistant materials; for all wet-room and sanitary applications e.g. tiles, washbasins, toilets, sanitary china, chrome and stainless-steel surfaces, wall tiles and floor tiles.

    Buzil Rossari is the trusted partner in the hospitality sector for hotel cleaning supplies wholesale and also offers a diverse range of hospitality and hotel cleaning chemicals.


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