Reusable production bag

  • We often see plastic production bags in supermarkets and shopping malls. This disposable plastic bag has many problems. It is difficult to recycle, difficult to reuse, and difficult to decompose. It is a huge contributor to garbage. So I would like to recommend a cotton mesh bags wholesale that can be reused.

    The reusable production bag can replace the plastic production bag without polluting the environment. Reusable production bags are made from different materials and can be used in different places. For example, you can't use a mesh bag to load flour, rice and the like. Now introduce a PET that is made of water bottles. It is wear resistant and durable. PET plastic bottles can be recycled into a mesh for the manufacture of reusable produce bags. These bags have a much lower carbon footprint than other "new" bags because they are made from 100% recycled material. The mesh bag is ideal for fruits and vegetables, loose salad leaves, and loose rolls. The product can be washed in a bag.
    Cotton production bags, cotton is natural opaque, a little weight, in many supermarket stores may not scale to remove weight, so we spend more. Different fabrics have different properties. The mesh or mesh bag is light and transparent, but is rarely made of natural fibers. They are also not suitable for flour and fine flour.
    Bulk reusable food bags
    These best organic cotton muslin bags are a fairly new idea designed for shopping in bulk stores. Although reusable production bags are easy to transport, they are not ideal for storing food.
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