What are the bags for the student party and office workers?

  • Students who are graduating soon, it is time to change the style, because they have to go to the company for internships, they can’t be too studentish and too casual, but most of them stay in school, so they can’t be too mature, so what type of bag is Suitable for the student party and suitable for office workers?


    First, the cost-effective design bag

    First of all, it is not recommended to buy bags with high prices. Of course, the local tyrants are free. The student party in this period has no stable income, so the bag with high sex ratio is the first choice. Recommend some small brand bags, unique and very innovative.

    In recent years, bucket bags have been very popular, fashionable and atmospheric. Whether you are on the back of work or on the back of the campus, they are all versatile, green and elegant. For girls in their twenties, it is good to improve their sense of temperament.

    Another example is this semi-circular Wholesale Cooling Travel Bags, simple black design, unique bracelet, very retro, it is not easy to get out of the bag.


    Second, the simple atmosphere of the bag

    In the student days, we always liked some cute and somewhat childish bags, but in the case of girls who are about to enter the society in their twenties, they may have to give up in the workplace. Simple and atmospheric bags can set off Out of our temperament and workplace atmosphere.

    The bag does not require too much embellishment and decoration. Although the style is very simple, the texture must be good. Sometimes a bag can enhance the layering of the entire wear.

    In addition, the capacity of the bag is preferably slightly larger, because usually some documents or company information should be installed, or the girl's cosmetic bag should be installed, too small bag is not practical.


    Third, the color is as gentle and fresh as possible

    In the past, many interns had carried a bag of 35 years old or older in order to show their maturity. Too mature, but to suppress the nature, lost the thriving atmosphere of graduates.


    Therefore, the color of the Lunch Cooler Bags Factory should be gentle and fresh. It is not recommended for the kind of big red and dark blue bags that are just slabs. The girls who just entered the workplace can't control such mature women's bags, and the gentle and fresh colors. Set off a cute and feminine temperament.