Join EA SPORTS FIFA 20:5 directly what we really want to see in

  • The next game of EA Sports' FIFA series is about to begin.

    The release of FIFA 20 was released on September 27th, and the first trailer will be unveiled at the E3 show in June. They are ready and changed, we just need to look forward to  FUT 20 Coins it.

    We are very excited about the upcoming installment, but we do have a list of changes and new features we hope to see this year. I believe everyone is looking forward to it (individually, I hope to return to FIFA 2003) The total club tournament', but I won't hold my breath.

    So, with this in mind, there are five changes at the top of our wish list. Let us have a look.
    1 Correct mastery of the basics
    We believe that there is some basic knowledge that urgently needs adjustment.
    First, let's remove the stubborn obstacles that are often overlooked by AI referees. You know, when your defender basically picks up an opposition player, his defensive efficiency is already more than the actual offense.
    2 realistic player development in the professional mode
    3 ultimate team odds
    4 more leagues
    If FIFA has one thing right, it is a lot of fully authorized leagues.
    But the fans just want more and more, the Indonesian and Malaysian leagues are often asked, and we hope to see the Vanarama National League - England's fifth level - for the first time included.
    5 kickoff goals
    This is one of the most irritating aspects of FIFA 19, which is something that fans are angrier than anything.
    Seriously, why is the startup goal one thing? I will never understand why my team completely defeats AWOL directly after kicking off.
    This may be one of the biggest flaws in last year's game and it is urgent to Cheap FIFA 20 Coins fix it. All fans want this to be changed.
    In any case, this time the rectification has been highly anticipated, and all of us are looking forward to this change.

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