Blizzard released difficulties with the WOW Classic Beta test,

  • Blizzard has released a number of known issues within the WoW Classic Beta test, which earlier this week allowed a few players to find out. Blizzard's closed beta on May 15th, Blizzard now lists a number of the obvious conditions that the development team knows. Blizzard mentioned until this list will not be exactly what they detected, and a few of them are points that they think players may encounter all the time. As described below:

    Class and battle:
    Activating a Raptor strike when automatic shooting is started does not result in the hunter to get started on an automatic attack in melee.
    Hunter pets tend not to Buy WOW Classic Gold automatically cast sprint or dive if they touch the target
    Hunter pets most likely are not able to get back to your side soon after entering passive mode

    User Interface:
    Trying to sign in to Twitter via interface options will result in the client to crash
    World map path indicator during transport loading screen could be inaccurate
    Items with randomly generated statistics will display the tag inside the robbery window and display chat tooltips when robbed

        There is usually a strip of missing water inside Mosshide Fen the main Wetlands

    Underground city:
    There isn't any water inside the Ironclad Cove region of ??the Deadmines Dungeon

    The above could be the approximate content on this update.´╝îWorld of WOW Classic Boosting Warcraft classics is going to be officially released on August 27 this current year.