Message about“Path of Exile” from CEO Chris Wilson

  • Chris Wilson, CEO of Grinding Gear Games, responded broadly to feedback from players about the road to exile, solving your game's future plans and addressing players' perceptions of professional life balance.
    Developers regularly ask questions about running issues so that players can provide feedback on the game in the game. The recent Q&A posted on the forum is about players taking the opportunity to vent their frustrations and ask developers some difficult questions.

    Chris said that there have been many improvements since its launch, so he believes it can do better in terms of startup and quality. The 3.7.0 update will introduce a challenging alliance, and the ongoing huge battle transformation can fundamentally improve the game's playability. Although this development work is going on, the team is also doing a large-scale expansion of 4.0. When Chris sees how the company may not be able to continue to operate, this is what he really feels!

    This article also covers the so-called "development crisis." In essence, if it's close to the implementation version, some developers really push for a longer time to get patches and extensions on time. Chris Wilson just said, "I don't plan to run this business in this way." He said that you can provide overtime to the team's employees, but he also hopes that his employees have a good work and life balance, I hope they Can enjoy what they are doing and make great content.

    Chris finally improved his position
    I am sorry about this. Our most important responsibility is to deal with Path of Exile Currency our relationship with the community, and now it is difficult for us to solve all problems in a short time. So we are trying to correct the problem as soon as possible and give the players a reasonable explanation.