How does Nostalgia improve World of Warcraft's classic Twitch r

  • Blizzard Entertainment's database of massively multiplayer games since its release in late 2004, the World of Warcraft database has undergone many changes and expansions. In order to meet the needs of the times, the database must also change, continue to expand and improve, attract more players. But in August of this year, developers are looking to restart the pure magic knowledge of the pure version of the WoW Classic game.

    For years, fans and gamers have expressed their opinions on the changing nature of World of Warcraft. Some players say they like it, some players have a lot of WOW Classic Boosting complaints, and they are pleading for those who want to play the game to use the purest vanilla form.

    With the beta test in progress, the Twitch Database streaming media broadcasts the WoW Classic's ratings, showing nostalgia for the classic history of World of Warcraft, and has always supported the classics of World of Warcraft.

    When most games are released, or when the beta is now playing, the title will get a strong rating on Twitch in your first week. This may not be a new movie that appears in the box office. When a new movie is released, many people will take a look at the movie immediately, but the number of tickets that can be purchased in the next few weeks is significantly reduced. The Warcraft Classics will not be like this, they continue to dominate the headlines for a long time. This is the power of classics.

    However, in the World of Warcraft beta for more than two weeks, the ratings of the game showed no signs of a reduction. Although the content of the game is still limited, the top Warcraft streaming media including Chance "Sodapoppin" Morris and "Asmongold" have been able to continue to participate in the game, they can find solutions to WOW Classic Items attract their goals.

    The success of the two stars of "World of Warcraft" also increased its ratings. Before the release of the beta, World of Warcraft may not be Twitch's most eye-catching news, but from May 15 to 30, it was pushed to the fourth game you watched the most. This is the power of classics, and the reason why it can get such high ratings is that they always show the best side to the player. Players can also use this to recall the good memories of the past and to commemorate the hottest feelings in their hearts.