A troupe is performing a real-world drama in Final Fantasy 14

  • Between adventure, exploration and learning of new work in Final Fantasy XIV, you may want to accept some culture - and have a team that performs a complete game in the game, using the assets in the game as collections, props, lights and costumes.

    A US non-profit organization called A Stage Reborn has produced a complete live-action game in the MMORPG world, including Eorzea of ​​Final Fantasy XIV. They held auditions, rehearsals, and used in-game assets to compete, and the level of detail was quite amazing.

    It turns out that they have been here for a few years. In 2017, A Stage Reborn started the production of Walter Wykes's single-player "Workers", you can watch the video below. The player's home offers a set, but the team has added the appropriate stage and spotlights, they have included the right props, and even provided the audience with a welcome and comfortable theater seating. The show even has an orchestral score that is selected from the Final Fantasy XIV music track. This is completely different from the game, and FFXIV Gil is needed in the game, but the drama is absolutely artistic.

    The characters and the game's expressions react to each other. At important moments in the play, the audience will cheer and laugh.

    The founder of A Stage Reborn, at Reddit at Wandrer Sabaku, explained that the goal is to show people how “art can be transformed on any stage you launch.” New media like games can be “more accessible, "Wanderer Sabaku wrote. "As interactive media and games become more prevalent in the home, we believe that these things are also considered tools for visual and performing arts education and expression."

    Stage Reborn has an official website that provides more information about the work they do, covers non-profit status and the way it is used in a reasonable manner, and is very important when you implement copyrighted works.

    Although A Stage Reborn is not strictly a Final Fantasy XIV group, it is found that Square Enix's long-distance running RPG is usually the ideal venue for performance, in part because the level of creativity that players provide in the game is also the number of players Final Fantasy 14 Gil. But on the other hand, Square Enix helped to nurture and guide the development of the player community.

    A Stage Reborn is currently working on Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream." It will be done in Final Fantasy XIV, which has adjusted the script to fit the mechanical constraints of the game. If you have this, you can find more information about the audition on the official website, as well as the location of the crew and choir.