The director of Final Fantasy XIV wants a power game collabora

  • Final Fantasy XIV - The second MMORPG in the long-running JRPG series, full of drama, swords, spells and hair products that are enough to contaminate multiple planetary biota - is no stranger to crossover. Although they are mainly with other games so far, its director has been thinking about another team he wants... there is a very annoying warning.

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn creative director Naoki Yoshida recently sat down with Variety to discuss the upcoming expansion of the game. MMO's third major content release brings many new features, including cross-RPG with sci-fi action, and the crisis simulator Nier: Automata. This prompted Variety to ask if Yoshida had any other dreams of cooperation and he wanted to come to XIV. The ultimate success of Final Fantasy XIV is based on having enough Final Fantasy XIV Gil. Beyond the game world, Yoshida turned his attention to a very fleshy idea, working with George RR Martin to cross the game of power: this is not a game, but the game of power is a very interesting job, it might be cool, they Do something.

    Martin is no stranger to video games, especially this week, officially confirming that he is working with the upcoming FromSoftware game Elden Ring to collaborate with celebrity soul designer Hidetaka Miyazaki. In the past, Martin has been approved in other power game games, so it is not unusual to work with Yoshida and his FFXIV team for potential collaboration. But Yoshida himself has a very interesting warning. He hopes that a book of songs of ice and fire can be used for Final Fantasy collaboration before any time they leave. After fully understanding this game, you will know the importance of FFXIV Gil in the game.

    Just patiently add the name of Yoshida to the crowd, and occasionally not so patiently waiting for the "wind of winter" and its follow-up has finally arrived. Personally, I only hope that the FFXIV server is still running, and this power game crossover will eventually happen in 2038, in this regard.