DreamHack Dallas is surely an exciting preview from the Rocket

  • This weekend, 32 teams may play in the second round on the Rocket League DreamHack Pro Tour, which begins on Friday, May 31, and definately will continue until Sunday.

    As the last wedding ceremony before the RLCS World Championship the following month, all eyes take the regional champions NRG and Renault. Both teams have convincingly won the normal season of the year and continue to win their regional championships. DreamHack Dallas could be the first time these teams also have the chance to play against the other after this sort of dominant performance and supply exciting performance to the end of next week's season.

    The competition is divided into four groups of eight, each of which you can see below. The group stage will be a two-day seed-based double-elimination tournament, which will provide an exciting single elimination tournament for each of the first two teams on Sunday. Assuming that NRG and Renault have maintained their status throughout the season, we are likely to see the two strong faces facing each other. The real powerhouse will be able to use the various RL Items flexibly to win the game.

    In addition to the two regional champions, the goal of the other 30 teams is to bring their share of the $100,000 prize pool home. About two-thirds of the competing teams come from RLCS or RLRS, which makes some teams likely to fly under the radar. I would love to see Cinderella run out of a little-known team, but history has shown that the quality difference between the RLCS team and the other team's team is too big to be overcome.

    Having said that, I may not be surprised when the third team eventually won the overall game. It is very challenging to maintain a really high level of competition within the tournament, particularly if other RLCS teams are stored on a big stage and even prove themselves. They will use various Rocket League Crates to fully exploit their strengths and wish to win the sport. DreamHack's double elimination form can even help to make people feel uncomfortable, considering that the team could have more than one opportunity to overcome their initial nervousness and play their finest.