Rocket League's radical summer hands-on impression: a new way

  • E3 is primarily a place to try out upcoming games, but on this year's show, I have the opportunity to check out the latest Rocket League content, Psyonix will be available in the coming months. For those who haven't followed up, the Rocket League is currently in a three-part event called Radical Summer, which focuses on a variety of fully tubular 80s properties. The first stop of the event focused on the 80s of big movies like Ghostbusters, ET, Karate Kid, and The Goonies, but there are two stages that focus on the culture of the 80s, TVs of the 80s, such as Night Rider. WWE in the Rock's wrestling era, as well as Voltron,  are on the road.

    We'll start with Spike Rush, a 3v3 mode that automatically equips all cars with Spike from the Rumble mode from the start. For those who are unfamiliar, spikes can stick the ball to the player's car, allowing you to run to the field like a receiver. One of the big changes in Spike Rush is that just touching another car will make you explode, turning the game into a deadly demolition derby game. The new rules have dramatically changed the feel of the game - instead of the usual crazy fight, Spike Rush is an exciting tag game. This is a great model for novices, because it doesn't require so many shooting skills, and even novices can contribute through some well-designed explosive tackles, but but may be needed some suitable Rocket League Items. I am not a super serious Rocket League player, but I am playing with Psyonix developers and some players with very serious car football skills.

    The beach ball pattern is exactly the opposite of Spike Rush (according to the intentional comparison of Rocket League director Scott Rudy). While the Spike Rush keeps standing while carrying the ball, the Beach Ball mode is about resilience. The gravity on the beach ball has been rejected, so each small bump really makes it fly. The gravity curve has been applied to the flight path of the ball, making each shot unpredictable (more than once, I have seen a seemingly certain thing to stay away from the goal at the last second). The beach ball model is basically just a more exaggerated base model of the Rocket League, an unpredictable version, which means it's not as prominent as Spikes. In other words, this is still a good time and maybe the new choice mode for more hardcore players.

    I can honestly say that my two new radical summer modes in the Rocket League are the most interesting of my E3 in 2019, which is something else that I have tried. This illustrates the great game of the Rocket League, but I do think Psyonix has come up with some special modes, especially Spike Rush. Interestingly, I asked Scott Rudi if Psyonix might plan more nostalgia, and although he couldn't confirm anything, he did show that this was something that the studio would be interested in. I hope there are some 90s styles or 70s fashions in the future!

    Rocket League is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switches. Radical Summer's 80s Blockbuster is currently underway. The 80s Culture and Spike Rush will begin on July 1st, and the 80s TV and beach ball mode will arrive on July 22. The basic Radical Summer mode and content are free, and some Rocket League Crates need to be purchased separately.