Square Enix shared a lot of preliminary patch instructions befo

  • For the Final Fantasy XIV player, the initial patch description is like a mini holiday. In addition, whether before or after the patch, the final reason for the Final Fantasy XIV game to win is the flexible use of technology and FFXIV Gil.

    We can see how a major extension or update changes before getting detailed details, which allows us to plan our approach before it arrives (in terms of where the task appears or even available tasks). This is a big problem. Patch 5.0 heralds Shadowbringers, one of the most ambitious updates in the history of the game. It is said to make the story beat so huge that they "feel the story may end."

    In this large number of notes, we quickly browsed two major cities (Crystarium and Elmore), as well as new areas, the new Buy FFXIV Gil usage rules, aesthetic changes (updated aetheryte--transmission - crystal is ace ), job seeking teasing, recreating collectors and craftsmen (land/hand disciples), FATE (random world encounter) mini cabins, increased player housing, short-term work notices (gunners and dancers are new to Shadowbringers), and more, Such as these high quality life changes.

    Even if you don't have fun playing the game, click on on the notes and focus to see what lengths the Final Fantasy XIV is updated. If you play, you might now bookmark them for night reading. Shadowbringers will arrive at the beginning of July 2nd for early visitors and everyone else.