How to quickly upgrade in MapleStory M

  • There is no doubt that when you are playing MapleStory M, you need to upgrade your character to withstand the toughest challenges of waiting. You can use Maplestory M Mesos to get a faster upgrade, of course, you can get a load, upgrade your gear, or just buy something more powerful, but sometimes you can only upgrade your character and there is no other way. This is something you need to know to get a quick upgrade and no effort at all, so you can continue to use MapleStory M's useful parts for the upgrade.

    If we want to give you a quick upgrade tip in MapleStory M, you can use the Auto Quest option if you wish. This actually causes the game itself to work, letting you drop your smartphone or tablet and do other things while the game is doing all the work. This is convenient for you, although it is not very interesting because the game basically only does all the work for you when you get the reward. To use Auto Quest in MapleStory M, you can do it by simply clicking on the task name on the left side of the screen.

    For those who don't just do all the tasks for them, there is another option that makes things easier and simply studies the battles in MapleStory M. This is correct, it is called automatic battle, it is essential for you to complete the battle without worrying about them. However, you need to reach at least 20 levels to unlock. In the process of upgrading to level 20, you can use Maplestory Mobile Mesos to help you win the battle, while you can get a relative amount of MS M Mesos in the battle.

    But it's worth noting that Auto Battle is only able to be used for 2 hours every day for free. Later, if you need to continue using this feature in MapleStory M, you have got to purchase a mechanical battle ticket.