MapleStory M: How to get a device

  • If you have to take on all the enemies and obstacles you encounter in the MapleStory M adventure, you need to have some decent equipment. We're not just talking about what you got at the start of the game, but you need to constantly upgrade and get better equipment to test more rigorously in MapleStory M.

    In order to get the devices in MapleStory M, you need to open a lot of treasure chests. You can get one of them for free when you log in every day, or you can buy one at 50,000 Maplestory M Mesos. Or, if you are confident of accepting them, you can find the treasure box in the game's Elite Dungeons.

    You can also buy equipment from any trading station you find in the game in MapleStory M, so be sure to have enough Meso storage to get the weapon you really want.

    Among these options, we recommend getting most of the equipment in the game from the trading station. The game's Maplestory Mobile Mesos is actually very easy to master, especially when you have a fairly powerful character. In addition, you can simply purchase Epic-grade equipment, which is the highest level of equipment you buy from the market.

    Even if you have an Epic-class device in MapleStory M, you may still want to make it even more powerful. If you want to upgrade these weapons, you need to have enough Meso storage, but it will make your character quite unstoppable.

    This is what you must know to get the device in MapleStory M and ensure you are always before the enemy. For more tricks and tips about the game, you'll want to search for MMOAH.