Xbox Live Gold members can participate in the Rocket League fo

  • If you've been looking for a great multiplayer arcade game to enjoy with friends, then the Rocket League is coming back this weekend. From July 10th to Monday, July 15th, all subscribers of Xbox Live Gold will offer racing football games for free.

    For those who are probably not familiar with the experience, the overall game allows two teams of nearly four players they are driving the rocket-powered car going to the goal region of the opposing team and attain the highest score. In this free game, players have free Rocket League Crates. The game even offers other sports modes, including basketball (basketball) and snow (ice hockey), and supports cross-platform multiplayer games between PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

    If you have an Xbox Game Pass membership, the action is free to work with, and you still need Xbox Live Gold membership, since it will give you improved gaming experience. Fortunately, Microsoft allows people that try the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $1 From the first month, and individuals who hold gold or game passes can convert their days into extra months after they buy.

    Have you already participated in the Rocket League, or will you try it this weekend? I think this is worth trying. Besides, if you want to learn more news or Buy Rocket League Items, you can visit the MMOAH website.