Path of Exile: Explain the skill tree - this is how the system

  • Path of Exile is very similar to Diablo, but the most significant difference is the ability to rely on class. Our guide explains the skill tree of Path of Exile and the meaning of each role.

    In role-playing games, classes and skills are usually together. And these also rely on POE Currency to buy more items to play a more significant role. Path of Exile does not follow this rule and provides flexibility. The skill tree in Path of Exile is vast and may seem overwhelming at first glance. The system is not complicated at all:

     The skill tree displays the same and unlimited for each character. Your choice determines which point in the skill tree you start.
     From there you can move by assigning points in any direction.
     There are logical restrictions: for example, for a warrior class, such as Marauder, the path of intelligence-based skills is more than the magic class.

    In any case, the skill tree contains only passive skills, ie, skills that increase their value but does not include directly applicable skills. These can obtain in the Path of Exile in the form of Gems, where each class can use any capability. But if you want to get extra items like POE Exalted Orb, you still have to go to the mall to buy. With this system, individual roles and adjustments can be made as needed, unlike Diablo and many other role-playing games.