5 Benefits of Using an Electric Fireplace Insert

  • In Peterborough, electric fireplace inserts are quite common and are in great demand. These inserts are available from some of the leading brands, which not only assure quality and durability, but longevity too. You can find electric fireplaces and inserts from top manufacturers such as Amantii and Regency in many reputable fireplace stores for use at homes. (Information Credit – https://www.theoriginalflame.com/fireplaces/electric-fireplace-peterborough)

    A few advantages of using electric fireplace inserts are:

    • Suitable for any home: The huge wood fireplaces with a chimney or gas fireplaces need a big space to be installed for the fireplace itself, the chimney and the fuel such as the bulk of wood logs. With an electric fireplace, you do not have to worry about space. Electric fireplace inserts are available in various shapes and sizes, so you can easily install them in small rooms too. Moreover, the inserts are wall-mounted, so it will not take any space on the floor.
    • Contamination-free: Traditional fireplaces emit smoke and gas while burning that makes the room contaminated and dirty. The harmful emissions can also be greatly dangerous for the children, pets and any aged or ill person at home. Electric fireplaces, however, are run not by any fuel but with the electricity, so there are no harmful emissions coming from them, which is great for the health of your family as well as the environment.
    • Easy to install: Electric fireplace inserts are extremely easy to install at home. Unlike the other fireplaces with chimneys and storages, you will not need the help of professionals for installing a small sized fireplace insert like a wall-mounted flat tv screen. Fireplace companies like Amantii and Regency manufacture fireplace inserts that can be installed in every model of open fireplaces. All you need to do is install it near an electrical outlet and then plug it in.
    • Safest option: An electric fireplace insert is the safest choice you can make for your house. Not only it keeps the home environment clean but also by not producing actual flames, the risks of catching fire in the house is reduced. You can set it in automatic mode, which will turn it off even if you forget to. You can also operate it with remote control and turn it off from a distance in an emergency. Moreover, the glass and the exterior surface of an electric fireplace insert does not get hot even when it is running. So, if someone, especially the children or pets accidentally touches it, there will be no harm done.
    • Energy efficient: Generally, heating systems cost a lot to heat the room in winter seasons. With electric fireplaces, you can reduce the expenses by the feature of zone heating. With this feature, you can determine the area that is needed to be heated. So, the rest of the house does not need to be heated along with the room you are seated in, which saves the money. The heat can be increased and decreased according to the cold too, something that you cannot do with other fireplaces to stop the waste of heating source.


    An electric fireplace insert has a long lifespan and it is available in plenty of designs, which also make it a favorable choice.