Things To Remember When Hiring A Motivational Speaker

  • Before you book a motivational speaker, it is important to first take into account why you would want to call a speaker to your event. Do you want to pull a larger crowd? Create a more memorable experience? Or do you want to provide information to your audience?
    Motivational speakers can be celebrities, story-tellers, or experts in their respective fields. 


    Here are a few things to keep in mind on how to book a speaker for an event.


    Book Early
    It is important to book a motivational speaker at the earliest. Any good speaker will be highly sought after, which means on a shorter duration you’ll have a more difficult time booking a speaker on a date that suits you.


    Research Well

    Never forget to conduct detailed research on the speaker you are looking to hire. A good fit between the speaker’s style and your expectations from them ensures a successful event. Check out the speaker’s previous works and look for passion in their work.


    Ask For What You Want

    Once you’ve figured out how to book a speaker for an event, having clear communication with them is crucial. Talking to the speaker about the topics you expect them to cover will lead to a smooth flow of the program. Have your dates set, and be ready to ask and answer questions. Avoid giving vague descriptions of your event or your intentions for it. 


    Read Through The Contract

    Next comes contracting. Your contract will mention every demand from the speaker you have invited. From making arrangements for the speaker’s stay and their travel expenses to other needs that might have to be taken care of should be clear at a glance.


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