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  • Washing the car burns an amazing 316 calories an hour and vacuuming uses up 160 an hour. Apart from the wonderful fresh air, weeding and looking after your plants can help you use over 200 calories while gardening. Mowing the lawn with a push mower for an hour burns 120 calories Ironing and baking uses 120 and 260 calories respectively. Making the bed every day for a month takes up 450 calories. Giving the gym a miss now and then is no bad thing, as you can stay at home and do some chores and exercise. Doing this regularly will keep you fit and healthy and your house will be neat and tidy. Losing weight does not have to be hard or complicated. We show you how small, simple diet and lifestyle changes can help you change your body shape and size for Wholesale Cigarettes Newport good. How Much Exercise Do Cigarettes Online Free Shipping I Need - Have a brisk walk Walk to get fit and you don have to run to get fit. Keep up this pattern and you will soon see the weight come off.