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  • Chris Warren III after another big game for Raiders: ‘I’m showing that I’m capable’ but still room for improvement Normally in the second preseason game Womens Frostee Rucker Jersey , the reserves see a bit less work than they did in the first preseason game. Not in this case. The Raiders were sitting out their starters, so the second preseason game became another chance for the backups to prove themselves.Chris Warren has been proving himself since the beginning of his time in Oakland. He wasn’t a priority free agent, he had to try out. He proved he was worthy of being signed. Then he proved himself worthy of a shot in the game with his performance in training camp. Now he’s proving himself on the field as well.“Chris is doing a great job,” said quarterback EJ Manuel. “I think coaches got on him early in camp, but I think it only helps him. . . it’s been great, obviously, to see come alive, he played great the first week, but honestly he has been doing that the past couple of weeks in practice.”Warren had an outstanding first preseason game against the Lions last week, rushing for 86 yards on 16 carries. It earned him the first carry and the bulk of the carries against the Rams Saturday in LA. And he stepped up, running for 110 yards on 18 carries and adding his first touchdown as well.“I’ll remember this one for a while Youth Gabe Jackson Jersey ,” Warren said of his first NFL score. It came from three yards out in the third quarter and was the Raider first point in the game.Getting in the end zone was something he wasn’t able to do in the first game despite his solid running then. So, has he finally proven himself?“Not yet, we’re still in preseason. Coaches aren’t showing their full hands,” said Warren, who has downplayed his performance at each phase. “I believe that I’m showing that I’m capable but I don’t believe I’ve proved anything yet. I still need to go back out there and prove some more stuff.”His coach likes what he sees from his big unheralded back, but he agrees, there is much left for Warren to prove yet. “He’s a good back, isn’t he?” Gruden said of Warren. “I mean, he’s run for almost 200 yards in two weeks. And I know he’s not playing against the regulars but he’s not playing with the regulars either. He’s a big powerful back that’s taking are of the ball. “He’s got to get better without the football — that’s what it’s all about with him. We know he can run, we know he’s powerful and fast and elusive, but he’s got to get a lot better without the football to be an NFL back.”That’s the mental side of the game. Something you would figure Warren can improve upon considering his father was a Pro Bowl NFL running back. “Mostly just the [pre-snap] reads Authentic Tahir Whitehead Jersey ,” Warren said of where he still must improve. “You’re supposed to read from the ‘Y’ in. Just making sure that I’m not biting on a fake or a delayed blitz and getting out into my route. Just quicker recognition.”The Raiders may have something in Warren. Even through two preseason games, his talents have shown up. The third preseason game we should see a lot more of the starters, but we should see a good amount of work from him again Warren in the preseason finale.Follow @LeviDamien For the first few weeks of this season, while the rest of us have been running out of ways to describe just how much of a train wreck this Raiders team is, the players seemed to be making efforts to stay positive about the possibilities. Their loss to the Chargers Sunday may have been the breaking point.That’s not to say this just suddenly happened. There have been signs for the past few weeks that the they were crumbling.Mainly it started with the loss in London to the Seahawks in week six. Since then the pieces have been falling off.Raider fans: Sign up for FanPulse, our weekly Raiders surveyRashaan Melvin showed his frustration after that loss and was rendered inactive the following week. Derrick Johnson requested his release and it was granted. Bruce Irvin hinted that he was done and was waived. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie up and retired. Amari Cooper was not producing and was said to be asking the team to look for a trade and they found a taker with the Cowboys.Each week Jon Gruden looks more and more beaten down, and after Sunday’s 26-10 loss to the Chargers, he said as much.“It is hard to lose,” said Gruden. “It takes a toll on all of us. I apologize to all Raider fans.”Derek Carr looked like he was about to cry in his postgame press conference. He was clearly distraught about something, though he said it had nothing to do with him and wouldn’t reveal what it was.“Something happened that just frustrated me,” said Carr when asked about his somber demeanor. “Deep down , I’m good. Something happened that just kind of bugged me. It has nothing to do with me and I’m not going to tell you.”There was a feeling that another of the Raiders veterans could be on his way out. By what means, it’s hard to say. But with the trade deadline passed, it would either be by waive, injury, or retirement. We’ve seen all of those happen the past few weeks.Top receiver Jared Cook was scuffling with Chargers players a lot in the game. Desmond King — who Jared Cook planted in the turf on a stiff arm after a catch — said Cook was ill tempered the whole game.This team is in turmoil to say the least. The worst I can ever recall seeing. The cause of it — or perhaps the result — is their historically bad 5-game losing streak. As Josh Dubow of the Associated Press noted, there’s never been a worse five-game stretch in Raiders history.That’s an average of losing by three scores per game. And it means playing a fourth quarter nearly every week knowing you just want the clock to run out so you can get out of here. For some of these Raiders, that is how they feel about this locker room.At 1-8 on the season, they are officially out of the running for the division. As silly as it seems to even talking about things like Division crowns, winning seasons, and playoffs at this point might be.Follow @LeviDamien