The Crow’s Nest: Preseason Week 3

  •  Is this Tampa Bay’s most talented offense ever? - Tampa Bay TimesFor all the worry Adam Humphries Jersey , wonder and hand wringing about who will quarterback the Bucs this season, there is finally some good news. It doesn't matter.Quick observations from the Lions' lackluster win against Bucs | MLive.comThe Matt Patricia era is going to open under a cloud of uncertainty about whether his team is ready to play.Buccaneers pull off wild 109-yard kick six to end preseason first half against Lions - CBSSports.comThis will probably go down as the best play of the preseasonJameis Continues To Shine - JoeBucsFan.comBoy, the Bucs quarterbacks were sharp tonight.It's Not The Playcalling - JoeBucsFan.comMonken has been calling plays for the Bucs through the preseason. It’s the first time Koetter handed over the duties since he arrived in 2015.Rapid Reaction: Lions vs. Buccaneers - Buccaneers.comThe Bucs started their first series with three straight runs by running back Peyton Barber, followed by three straight passes to three different receivers by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.Bucs vs. Lions: Tampa Bay's First-Team Offense Imposes Its Will In 33-30 Loss | Pewter ReportThe Bucs first-teams looked great, but their backups let them down in a 33-30 loss to the Detroit Lions.Buccaneers will be underdogs for the third time in four games come Sunday What do the oddsmakers over in Vegas think about the Buccaneers and Bears matchup this weekend in Soldier Field? So far this season, the Buccaneers have opened as underdogs every week. By the time kickoff came on Monday night, Tampa Bay was favored by three points. Once again, Tampa Bay will be underdogs this week, the Buccaneers are currently +3. In no way am I a professional gambler and in no way am I telling you to put your money with what I predict. This is really just for fun and something we here at Bucs Nation thought the readers would enjoy after sports gambling was legalized. For those that don’t know sports gambling, I will quickly go over the three main bets that are often placed. Also Demar Dotson Jersey , the lines could always change and the website you use, could be different from mine. Betting with the spread: Currently, the Buccaneers are +3 . This means that if you were to take the Buccaneers with the spread, they could lose by 2 points and you’d win. If they lose by 3 points, it means you push, so the bet offsets. On the opposite side, if you took the Bears at -3 , they’d have to win by 4 for you to win the bet. Same as before, if you pick the Bears -3 and they win by 3, you push. Spread bets always have the same odds Chris Conte Jersey , which are -110. This means that you need to risk $110 to win $100. It’s surprising to see Chicago favored. I know it is in Chicago, but Tampa Bay, in my opinion, has the more talented roster and has looked better than Chicago this season, against much tougher opponents.Money line bets: As of late friday night, the Bears are -155. The Buccaneers are +135. In money line bets, all the team you bet on has to do is win. In terms of what the -155 means for the Bears, you’d have to risk $155 dollars just to win $100 because they are the favorite to win this game. The Buccaneers at +135, means that a $100 dollar bet would win you $135 dollars. Again, a bit surprising to see Tampa Bay at +135. Maybe it’s solely based on the way Khalil Mack has been playing.Over/Under bets: Again Ryan Smith Jersey , no matter what way you pick, the odds in this case are -110. Vegas sports books currently have the over under at 4 tal points scored . If you take the over, the Bucs and Bears must combined to score 47 points in order for you to win. Obviously, the under is 46 or under. So, now we get to the part where I try and beat Vegas. Last week, I picked Tampa Bay straight up (+115) (lost) and I also took the over 5 on). My current record on the season is 4-2. I will continue to keep a tracker all season of how I am doing, but a little side note, this is the best start I have ever had to the season in terms of trying to beat Vegas for Buccaneer games.A few things to consider: Tampa Bay, is 5-1 at the spread in its last six games. Personally, I love the spread this week. Tampa is 2-0 this season when they are underdogs at kickoff. Also Cheap O. J. Howard Jersey , the total has gone over in 4 of the last 5 games Tampa Bay has played on the road. After reading that, you probably feel like the over is a pretty safe be Not so fast, the under has hit in 5 of the last 6 games Chicago has played. Vegas really doesn’t make this easy. The final point, the Bears are 20-5 straight up (money line) in their last 25 games played at home against Tampa Bay.My picks: Buccaneers at +135 and the under 46 陆. These are my favorite picks of the year so far. Like I said earlier, Tampa Bay has the better roster and they have the better quarterback, whether it’s Winston or Fitzpatrick, which is the main reason I am so confident in them winning this game. One player can ruin this prediction and that’s Khalil Mack, but in the past, Demar Dotson has held his own against some of the league’s best pass rushers. He always shows up for the big test and I believe he will do so this weekend. In regards to the over/under, Chicago doesn’t have the best offense in the world and I think the Buccaneers defense can build off of their second half performance on Monday night. On the offensive side of the ball Buccaneers DeSean Jackson Jersey , I expect the offense to have a good week, but not a great week, like they have the first three games (outside of the first half monday). It should be a fun one, but i’m very confident in these picks.