Better Start Early... Your Miami Dolphins have 9 players on

  • IR for the year Miami Dolphins Hats , 2 who recently came back from IR, a few who haven’t played in a long time (Derby, Harris, Tannehill), some street free agent DTs and a couple of gimpy starting OTs.Still, IF our defense plays like they did last week, IF we run block worth a damn , and IF we suddenly see Brock complete at least one or two long passes, and IF the stars align for us, then we have a chance against the Packers.“’re saying there’s a chance...”Let’s do this!BACKSTORY & OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER:As a lifelong fan of the Miami Dolphins, going all the way back to the Stone Age of the early 1980s, I’ve learned that fandom isn’t always epic highs & euphoria. Hell, if the post-Marino era has taught us anything it’s that we as a franchise & fan base have been mostly spoiled for the bulk of our existence thanks to the leadership of “The Don” Shula and The Right Arm of God, Dan Marino.Since both stepped aside by the spring of 2000 Miami Dolphins Womens T-Shirt , the past 17 years have been about as fun as an involuntary colonoscopy thanks to poor leadership and mismanagement. Sure, we had that epic 2008 season, and a damn fine hot streak in 2016 that got short circuited by a cheap shot, but life as a Dolphins fan has been tough of late. Enter the #DolphinsDrinkingGame. What started as a sarcastic coping mechanism has manifested itself into a fun thing we can all participate in, provided we act like adults.And now comes the part when I implore you to approach this with a sense of humor and that whole “adult responsibility” thing. First, if you’re going to partake with adult beverages, do NOT get behind the wheel. Getting yourself and/or others hurt or killed is never worth it. Call a cab Miami Dolphins Hats , request an UBER or get a designated driver. Second, nobody is saying you have to play along with alcohol. Feel free to use whatever beverage you like - ethically sourced non-GMO coffee, Earl Grey tea or even some dank runoff from Lake Okeechobee.“Hey Rodgers!”#FinsUp (please)The Splash Zone 9/4/18: Dolphins Add Swanson, Bring Back Young The Miami Dolphins continue to churn their roster as they added a new face with the addition of Travis Swanson. The center was released by the Jets this past weekend and will provide some experienced depth on the offensive line. The team also brought back Sam Young who was released over the weekend to make room for some more new faces. Maurice Smith was the unlucky one as he had to be released to bring back Young.You can check out that story here, and the rest of the day’s round-up below.Dolphins sign Travis Swanson – ProFootballTalkThe Dolphins dropped a pair of offensive linemen from their 53-man roster on Sunday and they added one on Monday. Center Travis Swanson is the new arrival in South Florida. Swanson spent the offseason and summer with the Jets, but was released on Friday.Dolphins Tight EndsMiami Dolphins rookie TE Mike Gesicki progressing as he eyes debutDolphins coach Adam Gase said rookie tight end Mike Gesicki has proven he’s ready to be a star...Dolphins RosterMiami Dolphins Make Roster MovesThe Miami Dolphins today announced they have signed tackle Sam Young and waived safety Maurice Smith.AC In The AM: Sizing Up The Moves To 53There were no major surprises, no head-scratching decisions in putting together the initial 53-man roster. The headlines? The Dolphins kept three quarterbacks instead of two Miami Dolphins Womens Hoodie , five receivers instead of six, the drafted rookie kicker over the undrafted one and three young cornerbacks as the top reserves.Miami Dolphins sign 10-man practice squad for 2018 seasonTen players the Dolphins wanted to keep but had to cut went unclaimed in the waiver process and will...Phinsider News You May Have MissedThe Splash Zone 9/3/18: Dolphins Add Luke Falk Through Waivers - The PhinsiderWelcome to the Splash Zone, the quickest way to get your day started off right. We bring you a rundown of Miami Dolphins news from the last 24 hours.Dolphins add Travis Swanson - The PhinsiderThe Miami Dolphins opened Monday with an available roster spot under the league’s 53-man roster limit. They have announced the signing of veteran center Travis Swanson to fill the position.Swanson...It’s time to move on from the Miami Dolphins backup quarterback discussion - The PhinsiderIf we’re talking about the Miami Dolphins backup quarterback situation as a long-term solution, we might as well start talking about the 2019 NFL Draft.First Game of the Season is Here. - The PhinsiderFans have a reason to smile