When one thinks of David

  • Versus Goliath Khari Willis Jersey , the initial thought is of someone very small and meek taking on someone big and strong and prevailing. While technically true in terms of size, the real lesson behind that story is that sometimes the people who are initially overlooked find the best ways to succeed, be it through luck Josh Allen Jersey , determination, hard work or yes, a trusty sling. As Malcolm Gladwell points out Parris Campbell Jersey , the true nature of the story is that good leaders prepare and look for any advantages they can get, especially if they aren't handed any up front.Sports are filled with teams and athletes who seemed destined to succeed only to watch as they fail to live up to expectation. The NFL specifically is littered with tales when the overlooked, seemingly overmatched team or player came through and when we look back http://www.coltsauthorizedshops.com/authentic-bobby-okereke-jersey , it was exactly what they wanted. Flying under the radar as the underdog gives you the advantage of just going about one's business and letting the game itself do the talking.When an athlete or team doesn't have to focus on the hype that inevitably comes with being the favorite or on top, all of their attention goes in to preparation and that can make all of the difference. Just because something looks like a mismatch on paper or in the media or because someone is unheralded coming in to the pros doesn't mean things will remain that way. Here are the 15 best examples of players and teams who overcame their perceived "shortcomings" to take down the obstacles and proverbial Goliaths standing in their way. Orioles reliever Darren O’Day has opted for season-ending surgery to repair a left hamstring injury.


    Manager Buck Showalter said the recovery time from the operation would be six months, compared to a 10- to 12-week absence if the right-hander attempted to rehabilitate the injury.

    Showalter said surgery gives O’Day ”a lot better chance of it not being an issue again. And that’s important.”

    The 35-year-old O’Day has struggled with injuries this season Khari Willis Jersey , missing a month with a hyperextended elbow before being sidelined for good after hurting his hamstring on June 26.

    The side-armer is 0-2 with a 3.60 ERA in 20 games. He was placed on the 60-day disabled list on Friday.

    Showalter says O’Day has not finalized the time and place of the procedure.