The NFL draft has been the main vehicle

  •  NFL franchises use to drive their teams towards success for multiple years. We always see teams select great quarterbacks towards the top of the draft Cullen Gillaspia Jersey , and sometimes even get lucky and steal a franchise quarterback in later rounds. These great quarterbacks that are drafted set up teams to be very successful. There are also a lot of franchises that swing for the fences when looking for a quarterback in the draft, and strike out, leaving their team years to get back to a stage where they are competitive once again.Sometimes teams are extremely good at drafting franchise quarterbacks. The Indianapolis Colts selected Peyton Manning, and achieved an elite status throughout Peyton’s tenure with the team. As soon as Manning was done with the team, the Colts made a smooth transition into their next franchise quarterback in Andrew Luck. There is also the other side of the coin Rock Ya-Sin Jersey , which shows us franchises that struggle with finding an even decent quarterback to help their franchise be reasonable. Some of those franchises will make an appearance on this list, perhaps more than once. The Cleveland Browns have not had a franchise quarterback or even a quality quarterback during the entire 21st century. Without a great passer leading their team, the Browns have failed to achieve much respect from opponents. It just goes to show that to be a viable team to compete for a Super Bowl championship; the quarterback position needs to be held down by someone who is an excellent leader that can produce at any given time for his team.It will be interesting to see which quarterbacks are selected during the 2016 NFL Draft, and whether they can lead their new teams to victory in the future. Who are the biggest QB busts of the last 15 NFL drafts? The NFL Draft Combine is a place where many young athletes can make or break their football careers. For some players, it’s the first place where many scouts are able to watch them in person and if they have a great combine , it could make a huge difference in their draft stock.Getting drafted with the 25th pick compared to the 35th pick may not seem like a big deal to fans, but as a player it could be the difference in hundreds of thousands of dollars. Signing bonuses and contracts are all based around draft position, so the sooner one gets drafted, the fatter their wallet becomes. As a result, the NFL Draft Combine can change a scouts opinion and ultimately make that player some extra cash Parris Campbell Jersey , which they wouldn’t have had before.The NFL Draft Combine is the most talked about combine in all of sports and although I am not a true believer in the combine, many scouts and teams take the combine extremely serious. Throughout the years, there have been many players who have been freaks during this ‘practice session’ and it has helped their stock tremendously heading into the NFL Draft.An amazing NFL Draft Combine doesn’t mean that the athlete is going to succeed in the NFL, but it can be a good measurement of their athleticism. With that being said, here are the top 15 combine freaks of all-time