Some time ago

  • Some time ago, a lot of people in the circle of friends forwarded a letter that Gui Yalei read aloud in the "Seeing the Words" program. That was the open letter that Cai Qin wrote to the media to his ex-husband Yang Dechang. With the hot broadcast of this program, Tsai Chin and Yang Dechang have been entangled in the story for more than ten years, and once again become the focus of attention of the world. At that time, Yang Dechang had just died of cancer. The media stared at the ex-wife who had ten years of sexless marriage with Yang Dechang. - Cai Qin Perhaps at this time, everyone would like to see Cai Qin with the death of this negative person Buy Newports. Let go of the resentment in your heart Marlboro Red 100S Carton Cheap. Perhaps more, everyone is very curious, ten years of hopeless adherence, the separation after ten years of betrayal, at this time, Tsai Chin, in the end is love in the heart, or hate the facts, Tsai Chin��s love for Yang Dechang is pure, from beginning to end and not being Left and right. Her decisiveness is the loyalty from the flesh to the soul. In the marriage, she sticks to the Platonic Qinghua alone until he publicly admits to derail and then proposes a divorce. She is ashamed, she is angry, she is sad, she is unwilling, but she finally chose to complete. This wishful love gave her the most beautiful embarrassment, gave her the most determined belief, but also finally gave her the most ruthless injury. However, infatuation like her, obsessed like her, even if she was hurt by such a body, and remembered the past that was unbearable, she sang: I always faced those embarrassing things before I understood the gathering of human beings. You can't put it all in your heart. The love you say is not difficult. It doesn't mean that you can be Jane. Then she said with tears: This is singing to Changge in 2007. Yang Dechang died of illness. This man, after ten years of breaking up with Tsai Chin, Finally, I left the world of Tsai Chin forever in a way that had to come down. In the heart of Tsai Chin, in addition to the love of the past, there is more open-mindedness and gratification after letting go. She said: Thank the Lord, let him be with his favorite before the end of his life, I also deeply thank God, let me love him with great enthusiasm, I quietly close my eyes, feel this again Once love, once calmer than once, once more bravely thank God, the person who did not know when to leave, once came to us in the name of love some time ago, saw a costume drama, remember the drama There is a couple in it, the man is the palace guard, the woman is the palace girl, because the man��s betrayal, the woman chooses jade and burns, the result is that both of them are locked into the court. The dark man who is pursuing the infernal man is dug his eyes and ears Newport Cigarette Price, trapped in the dungeon. The woman washes the clothes that never end in the robes. The only belief that supports a woman to live is to go to the water prison every night to take a look at the man who is guilty, and then smack the hatred of him in his heart. One day, the man died in the dungeon, and the woman was heartbroken until At this time, the woman discovered that hatred for so many years still rivals the original love for him. If everything can come back, she will choose to let him live a life. Soon after the man dies, the woman also commits suicide. A pair of lovers who do not hesitate to use life and death to contain each other, finally broke away from each other in this life. I don't know if they will reunite again on the way to the next life. If they really meet each other, what choices will they make? When they are separated from each other Wholesale Cigarettes Free Shipping, Tang Yan finally ruined his life in such a divorce. "Five miles and one mile", this is the earliest story of the husband and wife that I have heard. Liu Lanzhi casts a river and Jiao Zhongqing swears. I will always give them a slap in the face, and I can have such a decision. Why did I succumb to fate? Arranged Zhang Ailing to disperse Hu Lancheng in her life. Since then, all the love shackles have become the gorgeous robes that have been covered with scorpions. You are disgusted from your heart, but you are always reluctant to discard. Faye Wong lost two men she loved in her life. In the face of the old love and new love, she has always been calm and calm, no complaints, no complaints, and even a piece of defense. Love because of love, because not love but not love, can do such domineering to follow their own heart, it is estimated that only this maverick Faye Wong has a pair of lovers who have vowed to die and die after ten years of marriage. Scattered each other. She said she would never forgive him, she wants him to be broken again and again in her hatred. After another ten years, they happened to meet each other Cheapest Cigarette Cartons. Chatting lightly, drinking tea faintly, faintly saying goodbye, faintly, none of them mentioned before. She said, thank God, for ten years, let us forget each other what we should forget. There is no love and hate, no grievances. I only see him today. I hope he has forgotten the life of me in the past. Whoever meets in the name of love will definitely be with him in the way of love. bid farewell. No matter how much resentment, no amount of resentment, time will tell you, everything is the best arrangement on this road called life, we are always acquainted with people, discrete, reunion, farewell, once you Forever, maybe it��s just a fireworks. After a moment of glory, it��s a lifetime of separation. We can��t be friends, because we hurt each other, we can��t be enemies, because we used to love each other! Ok, those who are destined to go away, don��t go over, they��re all well.