Because it is better

  • Because it is better to meet you, it is beautiful to leave a footprint. Going to a place, enjoying a few beautiful views, taking a long walk, life is very simple. Just on the holiday, I went to the Baligou area. The scenery of the Yunyun area is original, the mountains are rather strange, the water is relatively quiet Marlboro Wholesale Cigarettes, and the original vivid plants are infested. It is a good place, so it leads to curiosity. All the harvested scenery is still full of heart, and the mountains that have been there are not so special. When the ancient times are in the ancient times, this is a common place for people to see Buy Newport Cigarettes Wholesale. It��s true or not, although there are some places. After the construction of the people, the whole mountain still maintains the original landscape and scenery. I found the waterfall that flows down the top of the mountain. The waterfall that I used to remember has appeared on TV. I have never seen the real original ecology. I finally saw the momentum of the poem flowing down three thousand feet. The waterfall here is not as powerful as described in the description, but when you stand under the waterfall and feel the shock it brings, it still penetrates the whole body Newport Carton Cigarettes, listening to the water falling from the top of the mountain, the clear can see the sky. The blue color, walking into the nearby cave, a cool water taste spared the whole body, giving people a clean release, not only to the people in the same line: I came here, I really didn��t want to see this scene. Going back to the noisy city, I just want to raise my heart in this quiet place. I met the wild monkeys in the mountains, and the tourists around them all took out the mistakes given to the monkeys. There were bananas, apples, and biscuits. They all said that monkeys like bananas. It��s true that the monkey mothers in the food. I still prefer bananas, but they are not picky. They give them food. The reason why the mother is judged is because the monkeys have eaten a lot of food given by tourists Newport Coupons For Cartons, but they don��t swallow. The big mouthful of food is about finding food for the little monkeys in the mountains Newport 100'S Cigarettes. It happens to meet the tourists. Give these foods. Seeing the clear spring in the mountains, it is as blue as the blue, clear can see the roots of the deep plants, blue can reflect the sky above the head. The most striking thing is the peach trees in the mountains. The blooming flowers are reddish in the mountains. It is worthwhile to let people hang around this time. It��s a pretty good trip. I saw the unseen scenery and left a piece of indelible. Memories. Read Wan Wan Road, Wanli Road, you must continue on the road