A mountain red

  • A mountain red tree drunk in spring, nine days, Bixi, green, beautiful life, light taste, happy life, careful aftertaste... Cherish nature, contentment, and join hands to embrace the future. Running towards the morning sun filled with atrium, spring flowers and autumn months, warm winter and cool summer, leisurely see Nanshan, quiet time, faint fragrance into nature, close to nature, full of vitality, warm heart and beauty. Use your heart to discover beauty and use action to experience beauty. Huanglian River has a mountain waterfall, snow smashing face, Du Fu Lake wave scales, spring heart swaying, pen holder mountain pen walking dragon snake, layer forest to dye blue sky and white clouds, green mountains and green water, cherish, treasure, cherish everything in the eyes, and vanilla Beauty, breeze, moon and moon, love each other, save the shadows and nostalgia... Every seed of hope that has broken through the earth grows in the four seasons of love, flying with dreams. Harvesting every day of happiness, joy and joy, harvesting each simple and calm, calm and easy. Take the world, quiet and far away, Du Fu Lake Baili Du Fu all the way to sing the songs of the prosperous; ���� Qingquan, grateful past, Luo Hanba two eyes laughing Pudu Cangsheng ���� yellow like orange Shengjin Run lung number the weekend, with the �� doll's mother The land-like rich woman, as well as the little stars scattered river Order Newport Cigarettes, came home and moved out of a clay jar to pick and brew the wild wine. The family drank a large bowl of raw juice... Recalling the development of the family over the years Change and relive the fun of picking wild grapes on foot two years ago. When the bell rang and the relatives of the country flew on the phone, He Laobo, who was over 70 years old, said that he was very skillful. He had to pick up the tree and pick it up. He was pleased to invite the adults and children of the three friends and four friends. , the car goes. Our group of people had a big blessing under the tree, and they had eaten a few plaques full of branches like a table tennis ball. Accompanied by our picking relatives, He Erge��s guidance to our eyes flies to a banyan tree. Satisfied to introduce to us: ��The cockroaches on this tree are reserved for his son, and his son��s I want to bring my girlfriend to the house to play, recognize the door..." We also took the opportunity to say a few blessings to Ho Erge. This happy time is in the pleasing, in the thirst, in our laughter from the fingers During the quiet and flowing, drunken beauty farmhouse, the laughter is rich and the ecological taste is good for lunch. The warm and hospitable relatives and grandfathers have generously hosted our original food, cold bamboo shoots, thorns, and golden cucumbers. Folded ears, fragrant, fresh, crisp, crisp, tender, slippery, very good taste, it is very delicious to eat under the bowl of beans Newport Coupons For Cartons... Especially worth mentioning is that among these delicious farmhouse dishes Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, there is one The big bowl was swept away by our ecological waxed pork. The owner��s house was cut into four fingers wide and covered in a large bowl. It was full of meat and caught a chance to eat a meal. It��s OK to not taste meat in March. Dumpled pork is big Here, every household has no fattening feed and no additives for feeding Chinese New Year pigs Cigarette Cartons Wholesale. After the mountain people use Shibuya, artichokes to feed Free Newport Carton, picking the vanilla smoke from the mountains, the fragrant spray, red pass, bright light, shape, color and taste. Beauty, people look at their eyes and raise their hearts, they want to eat a bite. We couldn't help but sigh, and hurriedly picked up a large piece of the mouth and swallowed it in the mouth. The oil was not greasy, and the taste was very good. It was smooth and smooth, and it was a good experience in a rural farmhouse. It was a good family. The hospitality of the hospitality is good. On this day, the joy of adults and children hangs on their faces, and with their happy laughter, they fly on the roof of the new house on He Laobo��s house.